Incorporated in 1984, BSR Distribution Inc. is an established Motor Distributor of General Electric Motors by Regal Beloit that serves the needs of the HVACR (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning & Refrigeration) industry in, and beyond the Greater Toronto Area. BSR is a source and supplier of electric motors and accessories for manufacturers and agriculture.

BSR Distribution Inc. has earned a reputation for putting the needs of our valued customers first and foremost in every area of our operation. We know that this attitude is the most important contributor to our source—and the success of the businesses we serve! We strive to deliver extra value that shows up in the product lines that we supply and in the quality, we put to customer service.

Expertise & Service

Our strength is the expertise of our human resources. BSR Distribution has Motor Specialists and Support Personnel to help solve even the most complex issues in your HVAC applications. Our accredited Motor Specialists have more than 50 years combined experience serving and supplying industry with top grade products. Their expertise in motor capabilities, diagnostics and applications provides our customers with the How, Why, What and When of the product being sourced and/or purchased. This commitment to excellence is one of BSR’s key strengths and a large reason why our customer base keeps growing and continues to purchase their motor and accessory products from BSR Distribution.

Because opportunity and customer needs have always fueled growth, BSR stocks a comprehensive inventory of products and parts. As a dedicated Distributor, we are committed to the entire sales process, not just making the initial sale. When you purchase from BSR Distribution, you can rely on us for after sales service. We are committed to stocking the parts our customers need—and when they need them. If we do not have the product on our shelves, we will gladly source it through our extensive catalogues systems, database and cross-references.


Keenly aware of an ever changing and competitive market place. BSR Distribution is committed to continuously searching for highly efficient and competitively priced products to meet the requirements of our cost conscious customers. BSR is constantly acquiring innovative and improved products sourced around the world.

BSR’s Guarantee

Our commitment to our clients is that they never end up with equipment from BSR Distribution that is anything less than 100% satisfactory. BSR’s ability to deliver warranty service on all of our products only adds to our strength and reliability. Statistically, our motor failure either meets or exceeds most manufacturer’s industry standards. We guarantee that our motors and parts will perform to the manufacturers specifications backed up with a no hassle warranty replacement.